B&W a Photo Tour of the Baltic States
Gabriel Orentas

B&W a Photo Tour of the Baltic States

In these days of instagram, pinterest, facebook and all the myriad of other “social” media wannabes, sometimes is good to take a break and look at the world from a different perspective than of a computer screen.

The search for some emotional feedback out of today’s technology is perhaps the reason behind the comeback of things like vinyl records, Polaroid snaps and B&W photograph. Remember lomography?

Maybe it's just another fad, but there has been a spectacular grow on apps that allow you to make B&W photos in your phone by emulating filters and hardware originally used in cameras 50 years ago.

Fads come and go and while we can’t say for sure where this particular B&W one would take us to, we do know what we can do about it in the meantime: Embrace it!

Join the crowd and come to the Baltic States to take original quirky vintage pictures with your latest high-tech gadgets. Subjects are plentiful in all weather conditions and you will have a lot (we mean it) a lot of good stuff to share across all of your social media accounts.

B&W Estonian Islands

Estonia has between 1500 and 2000 islands, the vast majority of which are rarely, if ever, visited

B&W Castle Hill, Vilnius

Vilnius, capital of Lithuania is full of interesting subjects to phototgraph. Also, Lithuania is famous for its vast empty spaces. "Empty" as in "no people around in miles"

B&W Sailing in Riga

Choose from Latvia's many subjects, from Riga's Art Nouveau architecture to the Soviet era bunkers, to the buzzing urban life