Let's party like it's 17 AD!
Gabriel Orentas

Let's party like it's 17 AD!

Yes, while uptight Romans were worried about politics, baths and beyond, the barbarians (that is us) were just mocking, drinking and partying as if the world would end tomorrow. They didn't like it, we liked too much and the rest, as they say, is history…

Well, not quite. To be fair Romans never consider even visiting these latitudes. What is true though is that we are still fond of those parties and we keep on celebrating to this date. Every 23rd of Jun we get ready for an intense day of activities that include, but is not limited to, jumping over a bonfire, drink a beer (or two), and dance all night long until your legs fell off your body… neah, just kidding.

Originally, Midsummer was suppose to be a celebration of fraternity and community with nature. Priestess would gather people around an Oak tree and together chant by the light of a fire. But, along the centuries a thing or two have been added (did I mentioned beer?). Good art, good vibes and good food from dusk till dawn are the main notes these days.

So here is an invitation to join the party and get ahead of the Romans, who didn't had a clue of what we were doing here all those years!

Tour departs on 21st JUN and includes 7 nights in 4 star hotels

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