Religious Pilgrimage

"The world is a book,
 and those who do not travel
 read only one page."
- Saint Augustine.


Looking for oneself

Looking for oneself - Baltic Vitalis

For centuries the Baltic has been visited by pilgrims from all over the world and several religions have found a home in this peaceful region. Regardless of your particular faith, in the Baltic you will find a place for prayer and spiritual insight.
In recent decades, one of those places, the "Hill of Crosses", became a symbol not only of religious faith but also of spiritual strength and resistance against oppression. In 1993 John Paul II celebrated a mass in this very place with an attendance of 100.000 believers.
A decade later, as the Pope recalled the occasion he wrote: "Could I remember the Hill of Crosses without feeling moved? This evocative place reminds Lithuania’s Christians of the burning witness to faith of the entire nation, a nation that relied on the main symbol of God’s love for humanity."

photos: Kristina Stalnionytė

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