Smile You Are on Camera!
Gabriel Orentas

Smile You Are on Camera!

When George Orwell wrote about Big Brother in his novel “Nineteen Eighty Four”, he envisioned a Stalin-type character looking at everything and everyone through cameras placed at every street, building and household. But as insightful (almost prophetic) his vision of the future was, little he knew about the little twist that story was going to have in the future.

Yes, today the world is full of cameras. The only difference is that, as we discovered, the real Big Brother is each and every one of us. We are talking about IP Cameras, Webcams and other live stream cameras not working in close circuit but in a very open one, accessible to people all over the world. By the way, this is also the plot of the movie “The Circle” and if you haven’t seen it yet, go and have a look. That future is coming.

Even though live stream cameras are very common these days, good quality video is still uncommon. We have many cameras in the Baltic States providing different levels of video quality, ranging from the “very good” to the “really bad”. Thankfully some organizations have set up some really good cameras and there are video feeds available from key locations going from Vilnius to Tallinn. So now you can have the Baltic States live in your computer (and laptop, phone, tablet, phablet and all the other gadgets) and have a look at what’s going on the this side of the world in real time.

In this instance, we have included links to some of the cameras in Lithuania placed by Bite, a mayor mobile phone carrier in the country. Just click on any of the links below to watch the feed from their website. We particularly recommend you the one with the cranes, they are lovely!

Please note these are live cameras, so the chances of seeing something extraordinary or simply just something are pretty much the same. For this reason, they have included some really cool time-lapse views spanning through an entire year on each location. To watch those, just select the camera you’d like to watch and the click on “Laiko panorama” at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy!

By the way, the photo on cover is not from Lithuania, but we used it anyways because it looks cute! :)