The Baltic States as Seen on YouTube
Gabriel Orentas

The Baltic States as Seen on YouTube

Just some years ago, the Baltic States were this triad of relatively unknown countries sitting idle on the shores of the Baltic Sea. Few people were audacious enough to take on the adventure and visit the ex-soviet countries. For a while, the Baltic Estates were rather a secret paradise reserved to a small club of savvy travellers.

That’s not the case anymore and, although it may sound like a tragedy for some, the Baltic States are pretty much out there these days. YouTube is one of the culprits that pulled Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania out of anonymity and push them without remorse into the muddy waters of pop culture.

There are literally thousands of YouTube videos featuring the Baltic States; some make use of way too colourful language at times. So we tried really hard to filter them as much as possible, but as you know, silliness has a tendency to escape through the cracks, so be forewarned. These are not “official” videos at all and we do not endorse the opinions expressed on them. Having said that, let’s have a look:

Estonia as viewed by Geography Now! - An interesting collection of facts and figures about Estonia. We would love to see similar episodes about Latvia and Lithuania, but, since Geography Now! follows a strict alphabetical order it seems we have a while until they get to the “L”

Lithuania as viewed by Victoria’s Channel - Lucky enough to get a channel named after her, Victoria has a very fresh, young and personal way of presenting facts and curiosities about countries. She has featured Estonia and Latvia along with Lithuania, so have a look at those too.

Latvia as seen by BackPacker Steve - Like many individual travellers, Steve uses the “Selfie approach” to making videos, but unlike others, he shows you a lot more than his face and adds a nice interview here and there to allow locals show their own views of the country.